Massage for Round Ligament Pain

Who here has suffered from round ligament pain or are currently suffering? I sure did! The round ligament helps support the uterus and connects from the front of the uterus down to the pubic bone. It kind of looks like a rubber band and runs about two inches on either side of your belly button. Normally, it expands and contracts slowly, but during pregnancy, we expand quickly. Whenever you make quick movements, or sometimes “just because,” it can cause a sharp/jabbing pain.

The round ligament supports the uterus during pregnancy and if it is tight or contracted, your posture can struggle, which leads to more soreness and pain. It also can limit the space for baby to grow and move around. Lengthening it out can have you standing more upright and creating more space for baby.

This pain can occur after childbirth as well, so knowing how to massage this ligament will help you for years to come. You can help reduce your own pain, prevent pain form even occurring, and give baby more room to move and grow!

How to Massage for Round Ligament Pain:

  1. Put a little bit of natural/unscented oil or lotion on your belly (dime size- you can always add more.)

  2. The round ligament is located about an inch or two on either side of your belly button.Move your fingers up, so they are right underneath your rib cage and stroke down to your pubic bone.

  3. Stroke firmly (yet comfortably) up and down that “track” for about 5 minutes.

  4. Repeat steps on other side

Doing this simple massage routine at home every day can help you have a less uncomfortable pregnancy.

Please share with any pregnant mommas that may benefit from this!