Infant Massage: Foundation for Healthy Beginnings

We all want what is best for our babies. As a Certified Educator of Infant Massage, I realized that the modality of infant massage, that has been around since the 1970’s and practiced in 70 countries, is not being utilized by the millions of parents here in the US. I think that may be because we don’t know it’s something that is accessible or even what it is.

I teach parents of infants 0-12 months massage techniques that can help support better sleep (for all of you), colic relief, communication, bonding, confidence in parenting, and much more! These techniques are taught over a 5 week course, once a week in classes lasting 60-90 minutes. The moves also grow and adapt as your child grows and adapts, so this is something that can continue for the rest of their lives. These are small, intimate classes where we discuss many parenting struggles, victories, and as a collective, support each other. I am a mom, and what a great resource to have at your fingertips! 

I am a massage therapist of over 18 years, specializing in prenatal and post natal massage. I know from years of experience, the more you get massaged, the more in tune with your body you are. Your babies will grow up to be more self aware, have more self esteem, and be more open to communicate with you. What a great gift to give to your child and to yourself! We always ask permission before we massage, so consent, safe touch, self esteem, and confidence are instilled right from the start. I truly believe that infant massage can change the world. 

Studies have found that not only moms, but dads and partners benefit greatly from these courses. A lot of times they can feel lost, out of touch when a new baby arrives. For them to spend a full 90 minutes just watching, bonding, listening to their baby can do wonders for their confidence and attachment to the newborn. Siblings also love to learn and be a part of the process. Infant massage has been a family/community tradition in many cultures for years. 

By including massage into your daily routine, you are supporting your family, your community, and your babies future.