Infant Massage Education


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Experience the joy, confidence, bonding, and many other benefits of infant massage. Studies have shown that this course can help with postpartum depression, confidence in parenting decisions, increased cognitive function, and overall health of baby and parents. Some other benefits include:

  • Sleep Improvement

  • Colic/Gas Relief

  • Improved Communication

  • Teething Pain Relief

  • Better Circulation

As a massage therapist of over 18 years and mom, I know how important touch is in every stage of your life. You need it to thrive in life and create those healthy connections with others. The classes take you through specific massage sequences that you perform on your baby during the class and at home. This creates a routine you can continue for years to come. With consistent massage, your baby will have an easier time self soothing, sleep better, and you will have less stress, anxiety, and you will gain more confidence in your parenting. This program is certified by the International Association of Infant Massage(IAIM) and is taught in 70 countries. These classes also create a chance for you to meet other parents and connect to your community. Parenting can often feel lonely, and this provides a safe space to discuss fears, challenges, and victories!

5 Week Course Starts at $149!

If you would like to experience this amazing, magical course, click the “Register Now” tab above. I also offer private courses if that is a better fit for your family. Please email your requests for a private session. Class space is limited, so reserve space now!


-”I feel like I have another tool to help my baby grow to be a healthy adult.”

-”Amazing Class!”

-”My son has been sleeping better!”